Local Removals in Garston: Professional Service by Terry Lunt Removals

When planning a move, home or office, the safety of your possessions is paramount. Choosing a reliable removal company with a proven track record is crucial. Terry Lunt Removals & Storage, based in Liverpool, is a family-run business with over 40 years of experience in the removal industry.

Why Choose Our Local Removals in Garston

Why choose us for your local removals in Garston? Here are some reasons:

  • We have decades of experience in the removal industry.
  • We take the utmost care of your belongings.
  • We offer professional and efficient service.

Our commitment to delivering excellent service is reflected in our work ethic. We handle every item with care, ensuring that all your possessions reach their destination safely.

  1. Professionalism: Our team is trained and experienced, guaranteeing a smooth and stress-free move.
  2. Efficiency: We understand that time is critical during a move. Hence, we work efficiently, ensuring that your move is completed in the shortest possible time.
  3. Customer Care: We value our customers’ feedback and strive to improve our services based on their needs and preferences.

So, if you’re planning to move in or out of Garston, Terry Lunt Removals is the best choice for reliable and efficient local removals.


When it comes to local removals in Garston, Terry Lunt Removals is the trusted choice. With our extensive experience and commitment to customer satisfaction, we guarantee a smooth and hassle-free moving experience. Contact us today to schedule your move.

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