National Removals in Prescot

National Removals in PrescotNational removals in Prescot to anywhere in the country can be worry-free with Terry Lunt Removals. If you’ve never moved house before then there are probably a few things you don’t know about. So the smart thing is to hire our removal company, Terry Lunt Removals, because we have over 40 years of experience. If you are worried about cost, don’t. We’re going to work with you and set a price based on distance, anywhere in the country. Then we’re going to factor in the square footage your belongings currently occupy for a base price. If you have items such as grand pianos, commercial appliances or cars, those will be factored in. We have packing materials available if you want to pack boxes yourself. If you want us to do the packing, we will factor that cost in. We’ll give you a flat unchangeable price in writing.

The cost of house removal is an important consideration and you will have other expenses of your own besides. In Prescot, national removals often mean old utility payments and new utility deposits. If you are leasing your new home then you have up-front costs for that. We understand the financial strain. The price we quote you is comprehensive. You will not receive additional charges for mileage, fuel taxes, and liability insurance or wait fees. We promise you this; we will beat anybody else’s price for the same level of service. You can expect a professionally planned and executed removal with the efficiency that only comes with experience such as ours.

When Terry Lunt Removals undertakes your national removals in Prescot, your belongs are safe. Everything is carefully covered with removal quilts and loaded precisely for stability. Once the truck begins to move, your belongings will not shift which could cause damage. You may have valuables but all your belongings are valuable to you, so know we’ll handle everything with care. A stress-free and smooth removal begins with skilful planning and finishes with complete customer satisfaction. If that’s what you’re looking for, then contact Terry Lunt Removals and schedule your moving day. We’ll be right there to give you a cost estimate and discuss the particulars.

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