National Removals in Prescot

National Removals in PrescotTake the anxiety out of national removals in Prescot and use Terry Lunt Removals.  We can safely move your belongings anywhere in the nation. The biggest difference between a local move and a national move is attitude. You may not wake up in your old home and go to sleep that same evening in your new home. Every possession that you are taking with you goes the first trip because the first trip is the only trip. We can’t come back and get that one item later. You may need to sleep in a hotel for a night or two but overall, there’s not much difference. Care needs to be taken packing boxes and the truck so nothing is damaged and the weight in the truck is balanced no matter how great or short the distance.

Our professionals are the best in the business. In Prescot, National removals with us will give you peace of mind. We’ve been in business for over forty years; our company and employees are fully licensed and insured so your belongings are safe from start to finish. Ours is a family owned business and all who work with us are trained to care for your belongings as they would their own. As long time professionals, we have the latest safety equipment to more easily move big items without damaging ourselves or your heavier items. These heaviest of items are usually the refrigerator, piano, master bedroom suite, Grandfather clocks and fitness equipment. It’s all safe with us just as is your artwork, small collectables, crystal, china and those treasures valuable only to you.

Every removal is a little different but both national removals in Prescot and local removals require the same diligence, professional handling, attention to detail and customer service. Contact Terry Lunt Removals if you’re planning a national removal. Regardless of distance we will deliver your belongings and deposit them safely in your new home on schedule. If there’s a gap in time between moving out of the old and into the new, we can safely store your belongings in our safe, climate controlled storage facility. If cost concerns you as it does most of our customers then put your worries aside; we guarantee to beat anyone’s price, value for value. The price we quote upfront is the exact same as that on your final bill. No surprises.

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