Low Cost Removals in Gateacre

Low Cost Removals in GateacreIf you need a removals company that provides low cost removals in Gateacre, Terry Lunt Removals is your answer. While the prospect of moving into your new home feels exciting, the thought of shelling out lots of money for a removal is not! Many removal companies charge hidden fees for a removal. These ‘extra costs’ are typically applied to items like time (if the removal goes above 2 hours), quantity, location, manpower and even extra services such as packing, boxes, or extra help. We are known for providing a first class removal service that meets your specific requirements at affordable prices. Our promise is as good as a signed contract. This means we’ll only charge you what we say so, upfront!  Our dedication to this standard is what has helped us stay in business for so long.

If you live in Gateacre, low cost removals are only a phone call away. At Terry Lunt, we will tailor the removal service to suit your needs. This helps us create customised removal solutions. Our goal is to make the removal as smooth and stress-free as possible. Prior to starting the removal, our Terry Lunt team will plan and discuss your move in detail. We will address what we can and cannot move, distance, quantity, manpower, etc., including the final cost. If and only if you’re satisfied with what we have to offer, we’ll move forward with the move. We are happy to provide you with packing materials for a minimum charge to assist your move. If for any reason, you’re unable to pack up your personal effects, our team will gladly organise this for you. Moving house is stressful enough without having the additional stress of paying high fees for a removal.

If you need to move house, low cost removals in Gateacre are available. Contact Terry Lunt Removals today, to find out more about our low cost removals, or to request a quote. Apart from domestic removals, we also provide similar services for office and overseas removals. For customer convenience, we have self-storage services for a nominal fee.

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