National Removals in Allerton

National Removals in AllertonFor national removals in Allerton with hometown service call us at Terry Lunt Removals. Anywhere you need to move in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, we can do a lot to remove the anxiety and stress of moving long distance. Our first question is when do you need to be in your new home? The second is when do you need to be out of your current home? Once we have those dates we can start putting together the logistics. There is no need to worry if the move out and move in dates don’t coincide as you would like. We have safe, dry and secure storage for your belongings until it’s time to begin the trip to your new location. When the dates are a week to ten days apart it can be nerve wracking and we understand that. At least you can depend on your belongings being safe.

We’ll have our truck ready to move your furnishings into the new location the minute you get the keys. We’re getting ahead of our self in Allerton; national removals follow the same timeline as local moves. We begin with visiting your home and evaluating how large a truck we’ll need, how much packing and unpacking is needed and how much labour will be needed. Then we add the travel time and any days of storage. You can count on the final price we quote and the one we present to be the same. As with any removal, you can save money by packing and unpacking boxes yourself. We have all the packing materials available.

Your belongings are safe in transit during a national removal in Allerton. Our company has been doing this for forty years with great success. We’re licensed and insured plus our experienced removal team knows how to protect furnishings for removal and how to load a truck. We use padding to prevent scratches and balance the load so there is no shifting during transit. A truck has to be balanced to travel safely. Contact Terry Lunt Removals when you need to plan a national removal of home or office. Our team works with the efficiency achieved only through experience. We won’t be undersold. That means you don’t have to settle for mediocre service to get a good price.

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