Low Cost Removals in Litherland

Low Cost Removals in LitherlandWho doesn’t want low cost removals in Litherland? Moving house is an expensive undertaking when you consider how much new house purchase and lease costs continue to rise. Count on us at Terry Lunt Removals for the lowest cost removals because we won’t be beat, value for value, by anyone. You will still get the finest customer service even with our low prices. After all, you don’t want to show up in your new neighbourhood with the bed mattress strapped to the top of your car just to save a pound or two. We have our own reputation to protect as well as yours. We have been serving the area for over 40 years as full service professionals you can count on for house and office removals.

There is more that sets us apart from other removal companies besides costs. For our customers in Litherland, low cost removals is more than a cheap initial quote. We consider the size of your home and distance you are moving and offer one price that will be the same at removal completion unless you make last-minute changes yourself. We don’t add a bunch of extra fees at the end of your bill like you should have known it was coming. There are ways to reduce your removal costs such as self-packing all your belongings to be boxed before removal. We sell all the packaging to make the job easy. Wardrobe boxes are the best because you can use them as temporary closets until you have time to unpack everything. Your work clothes will be fresh, unwrinkled and ready to wear.

We don’t cut corners to achieve low cost removals in Litherland. Our professional movers treat your belongings with care to prevent damage during moving. They know how to pack a truck for balance so valuable furniture does not go sliding about. Our company is fully insured against all types of liability including injury to our own employees and property damage along with your furnishings. Contact Terry Lunt Removals for removals large or small, home or office. Moving always carries an element of stress. We will relieve you of much of that worry by safely managing the transport of all your belongings to your new home. We handle the timing and logistics smoothly, professionally and at low cost.

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