Low Cost Removals in Huyton

Low Cost Removals in HuytonFor low cost removals in Huyton, go to Terry Lunt Removals. We can give you attentive customised service plus all the wisdom gained from lessons learned during our forty years in business. Whether you are moving house, office or studio flat we are equipped with the truck and staff sized to fit so you don’t pay for more than you need. When you know the date you need to move, call us. We’ll come out and go over all the details with you at no cost to you. The details vary with each move so our first task is calculating your cost based on the number of rooms of furniture you are moving, the distance and your level of involvement. We will pad your furniture and balance your load so it’s safe from damage.

Our team will go room to room packing and marking boxes from each room, basement and garage. For those in Huyton, low cost removals at Terry Lunt includes disposing of the stuff you don’t want and leaving the premises broom clean. On the other end, each room of furniture will be placed along with boxes marked for that room. We can unpack for you and dispose of all packing and moving materials. All you have to do is have someone ready to receive us at each end of the move. The cost we quote for this full service removal is the lowest you will find because value for value, we are committed to beating any price.

Another variable to your low cost removals in Huyton by Terry Lunt that will affect cost is the need for temporary storage.  If you have to move out now but can’t move in until a later date, we will safely store your belongings until you’re ready for them. Our quote is based on all the variables before we ask for your signature. That cost will stay the same with no add-on’s and it will be the lowest price you can get for the same service. Contact Terry Lunt Removals for the best and most well-respected removal company in the area. Our trucks are well marked and our staff is uniformed and courteous. We are licensed and insured and members of our staff undergo rigorous background checks.

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