Office Removal Company in Liverpool

Office Removal Company in LiverpoolMoving to new business premises and looking for a reliable office removal company in Liverpool? Unless planned and executed well, this can be a traumatic experience for all. Any delay could affect your work and business, loss or damage to valuable equipment can be another major issue and if the exercise is not carried out by experienced commercial movers, it can result in huge stress and disruption of your schedules. It’s good to keep some tips in mind for a seamless operation. The old-fashioned word-of-mouth referral/recommendation from trusted sources is best. Otherwise, shortlist a few based on an initial survey of the Yellow Pages or business directories and make your own check-list of questions before you make your choice.

The Liverpool office removal company that you select should be a member of the British Association of Removers. This ensures minimum standards of conduct, legal compliances, training, licenses, insurance and professional ethics. Visit the company’s offices personally. They should have their own permanent staff and fleet of vehicles, rather than small “man and van” outfits with contract labour and leased vehicles. The company should offer the type and level of insurance required to cover your valuable equipment. Always ask for a written contract in which the inventory and value are clearly noted. It’s tempting to opt for a cheaper rate, but this is harmful in the long run. An illegal, badly-maintained vehicle, untrained crew and no guarantees of safety and time can wreck the move.

An office removal company in Liverpool should provide an initial feasibility study, cost and time estimates and make a note of your special requirements, preferences and budget before undertaking the task. A well-experienced team of professionals who understand the logistics of office removal and a company that ensures a smooth transit are the ideal choices. In general, moving office should be done over a weekend to avoid disruption of work, though this could mean higher charges. Make a detailed floor-plan to indicate where each carton or piece of equipment is to be placed. A firm like Terry Lunt Removals who can take care of the complete project from point-to-point would be the right option – contact them today for more information about office removals.

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