Low Cost House Removals in Tuebrook

Low Cost House Removals in TuebrookWhen you are faced with moving, the first concern that comes to most people’s minds is finding low cost house removals in Tuebrook. When it comes to removal companies, not all are alike. Many make promises they cannot keep and some charge high fees for services that should be free of charge. Another big issue with removal companies is that the items that are removed are transported in a haphazard manner, resulting in a lot of breakage. As a result many people choose to hire their own truck and move their belongings on their own. This isn’t always feasible especially if you are a senior or if you have a lot of items. What if you have to move within a few days, where can you find a reliable removal company?

In Tuebrook, low cost house removals were needed by a couple who had recently sold their home. They wanted a company that had affordable rates and were also reliable. In other words, the couple wanted to hire a removal company that delivered what they promised. Through a friend’s referral, the couple contacted Terry Lunt Removals & Storage. After speaking to a representative there and receiving a cost estimate, the couple scheduled an official date to move their belongings. On the day of the move, staff from Terry Lunt Removals & Storage arrived on time and began removing the couple’s belongings and stacking them in the moving truck. Shortly afterwards, the removal company delivered the items to the couple’s new address. The couple was surprised to learn that within the space of just three hours, the movers had managed to remove all of their belongings, stack them in the truck, and deliver it to their new address. Best of all, the couple was charged with the rate that was provided in the estimate!

If you need to move fast and require low cost removals in Tuebrook, then contact Terry Lunt Removals & Storage today!

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