Low Cost Removals In Tuebrook

low cost removals in TuebrookWith over 40 years experience completing low cost removals in Tuebrook, Terry Lunt Removals is here to help lower the stress that often comes along with moving a house. Avoiding the extreme stress caused by moving was the main reason we received a call from a local woman who felt she was on the verge of a breakdown thanks to the strain of attempting to plan and carry out a complicated move. In some cases making a move can be as simple as packing a few boxes, loading a bed, couch and a few tables and chairs onto a truck and heading down the road. Our caller’s case would be much more difficult, and had been taking its toll on her.

Living in Tuebrook, low cost removals are needed by clients for a variety of reasons. In our client’s case her building was about to be demolished and she would be required to be out of the building by a certain date. Up to this point her situation is no different than any other move. The twist came when we learned that she had found the perfect place to move, but it would not be available until nearly two months after she had to be out of her old apartment.

Completing this low cost removal in Tuebrook would be a little out of the ordinary, but we reassured our client that we had just the solution for her. Terry Lunt Removals also operates a secure storage facility, allowing us to offer the perfect fix to our client’s problem. We were able to go to her old apartment to get her all packed up, with the exception of a suitcase with the clothes and personal items she needed to live for a few months. Her belongings were then moved to our storage unit to be kept safe and sound until they could be moved to her new home in two month’s time. In the meantime, she would be staying with a family member. Stress removed, our client was very happy with the complete service we were able to provide. If you have a difficult move coming up, call today to find out how we can help.

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