Storage Solutions in Woolton

Storage Solutions in WooltonIf you’re looking for storage solutions in Woolton you need to stop by and visit Terry Lunt Removals and Storage. Why, you might ask, would someone need extra storage? You would not be the only person to ask this question. To some, the idea of needing storage brings to mind hoarders, with a house full of junk they will never use, expanding into a new space to fill up. The truth is there are many great reasons that a normal person might need a storage unit.

Imagine a collector in Woolton. Storage solutions for this collector would allow him to grow his collection without cluttering up his home. Another benefit for this collector is the security offered by the storage units at Terry Lunt Removals and Storage. Our storage units are behind lock and key twenty four hours a day. Not only are the doors locked but there is a premier fence controlling access to the units. If you have a valuable collection of any kind, chances are our units are more secure than your home.

Finally, businesses are in great need of storage solutions in Woolton. You might be thinking of a shop keeping excess inventory in a storage unit, to be placed on shelves when it’s needed. While this does happen, our largest services for businesses is archive storage. Doctors, lawyers, and many other businesses create boxes full of paperwork every day. If onsite space is not available for a business to store the records, we can help. Keeping files secure is a priority, but just as important is access. Our clients frequently call or email requesting a document that will be available to them within the day, or on the next day. If you are in need of storage be sure to call Terry Lunt Removals and Storage for a free quote.

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