Low Cost Removals In Merseyside

Low Cost Removals In MerseysideWe recently closed our accounting office and needed someone who would do low cost removals in Merseyside. Our office property owner wanted to rent to a new tenet as quickly as possible so we needed to clear the space quickly. We were not moving into another rental space so the issue of what to do with the furniture and the files needed to be resolved. We thought we should bring the furniture home to store in our garage until we could sell it. The files are a different story. It was necessary that we not only save them but also save them where they would be safe from damage and theft. After 30 years in business, storing the files required a lot of space to store but we also needed to access them easily if we needed to.

We were concerned that in Merseyside low cost removal companies might also be poor quality and that is true for some of them. Friends who were past customers directed us to Terry Lunt Removals and Storage. They had previously relocated and being on a budget wanted a company that would take great care of their possessions and deliver them safe and undamaged to their new home. Terry Lunt Removals and Storage was able to do that for them at a surprisingly low rate. We were very impressed with their experience so we decided this was the company for us as well.

By calling Terry Lunt Removals and Storage, we found that low cost removals in Merseyside did not have to mean low quality. They are a fine family owned company that has been in business for 40 years. Their friendly employees took great care with our personal belongings. Moving the furniture to our home and the files into their easily accessible secure storage facility was not a problem for them. We will always recommend them for the excellent service they provided at a problematic time in our life. Contact Terry Lunt Removals and Storage today and find out how their helpful and friendly team can make your relocation a more pleasant and smooth sailing experience.

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