Storage Company In Formby

march 2Looking for a storage company in Formby to help you pack away your extra belongings? Terry Lunt Removals and storage is the best choice you could make. Many are very skeptical when considering a storage unit. As expected, our potential customers are frequently concerned about the safety and security of their belongings. The fact is our facility is as secure if not more so than most personal homes. With numerous security features, and twenty four hour staffing you can be sure that when you put your belongings in one of our units it will stay there safe and sound until you come to pick them up.

A common question from potential customers involves what type of materials may be stored in our units. Excluding anything dangerous or illegal, we are pleased to accept anything that could be imagined by the great residents of Formby. Storage companies pride themselves on having the flexibility to serve the customers needs whatever they may be. Terry Lunt Removals and Storage has taken this to the next step by offering archive storage for our business customers.

What is archive storage and is it something you need? In our archive storage facility local businesses from lawyers to restaurants can store vital records needed to run a successful business. Our staff make sure to keep these important files secure and easily accessible. If files are needed from the archive all that is needed is a quick call or e-mail and our staff will have the requested documents available. We are also able to supply customers with document cartons for easy transportation of files from storage back to their business location. Aside from storage, we are also able to handle removals. Whether from a one room flat or a large business, we have the experience to make you move as smooth as possible. All this means that choosing Terry Lunt Removals and Storage as your storage company in Formby is the best move you can make. Call today on 0150 256 5399 or visit our website for more information.

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