Removal Company In Prescot

march 1“Are there any removal companies in Prescot specializing in business removals”? One of our staff happened to overhear this in a local pub recently. He was happy to jump into the conversation to tell the couple talking about the services available from Terry Lunt Removals and Storage. It turns out the woman asking the question was the owner of a business and had recently acquired a new location for her business. She was very happy with her new building with its prime location and great price, but had the expected concerns about the move.

Many of us have fears, even nightmares about moving our home, but imagine a business owner planning this type of move. In this case it was more than a couch, bed, and some boxes of dishes that needed packed. This woman owned a full service food company. This meant she needed to move ovens, fryers, mixers, tables, chairs, and everything else associated with a working bakery. She was most concerned about the heavy and fragile equipment, as she had quite a bit of money tied up in ovens.”In Prescot, removal companies like ours specialize in the type of custom job you have” reassured our staff.

Once a full consultation has been completed we start the move. Clients often expect a long and drawn out process based on their own experiences with removals. It isn’t uncommon for satisfied customers to be blown away with the speed and professional actions of our expert staff. Their experience sometimes even allows them to complete a business removal in a single day. Of course we do not allow speed to turn into carelessness. Every item moved, from the largest oven to the smallest dish, will be packed and handled with the same care our movers would use on their own possessions. Call today on 0151 256 5399 for a free consultation today or visit our website for more information.

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