A Removal Company in Wirral that does Document Storage?

filesTerry Lunt is a removal company in Wirral that has taken their service to a whole new level. We were recently asked why Terry Lunt Removals would offer document storage as an area of specialty for our company. The answer is simple. Documentation storage is a requirement set forth by our laws. While many have moved their businesses to virtual documentation with unlimited cloud storage, many professions will not have that luxury. Many legal documents have a specific storage period that is mandated by the country’s laws. Not only must those documents be stored in secure surroundings, the law states they must be easily retrieved.

Lawyers specifically find themselves with mountains of paper documentation that must be archived for 10-years or more. In Wirral our removal company can provide unique solutions for the storage problems of Merseyside’s lawyers. Specifically, document storage must provide accessibility to lawyer’s records. It is not possible to simply store mountains of sealed boxes in a storage room. The documents must be organized, and the storage environment must allow for the retrieval and refiling of the documentation.

Security is another essential factor for archive and document storage. We have developed a secure storage system that provides for document organization and efficient retrieval during the storage period. The only people who will have access to your document storage is the person you have designated as an official company representative. Even our employees will not have direct access to your information. In addition to storage and retrieval, Terry Lunt removal company in Wirral can help you develop an effective, efficient strategy for tracking information destruction schedules so that you only store those documents still required for access by law. Please contact our office to learn more about our document storage facilities.

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