Delegating the Tedious Work of Relocating to a Removal Company in Garston

office removalA very anxious lady phoned a few weeks ago, enquiring about a removal company in Garston. She received word that their offices are relocating to different premises. She was assigned as project manager of the relocation. She was immediately placed at ease when she heard about Terry Lunt Removals and Storage and what they had to offer. The logistics involved in the relocation then became much less of a nightmare and she could focus more on other aspects of the move.

Relocating offices involves more than just moving from one office site to the next. Aspects you need to consider, are packaging of the office contents, the distance between the different premises, minimal downtime for the company and many more details. With professional personnel and service and more than 40 years’ experience in Garson, the only removal company you need to contact, will be Terry Lunt Removals and Storage. When meeting with prospective clients, they discuss the above mentioned queries and how they will handle it. As a professional client, you will notice the ease as many of the small detail will be taken off your hands and placed into the capable hands of the removal company.

Operating nationally and locally, they will assist you in determining the freight charges and packaging for the contents. Packaging includes brown paper, bubble wrap, cardboard wardrobes and sofa covers. The relocation of offices for this specific client, involved that certain of the furniture and office contents needed to be stored until the new offices were fully operational. Terry Lunt Removal Company in Garston took care of the storage needs and the whole relocation process was fully insured, offering the client even more peace of mind. The project manager was so impressed with the service she insisted that the same company handle her domestic relocations in future as well. Contact Terry Lunt Removals for all your moving needs.

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